Computers Shouldn’t Run Your Business…That’s Your Job!

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I have found there to be 3 root issues that cause your computers to run your business instead of you calling the shots.

1. Training. When you hire new employees, install new hardware or software, or perform updates/upgrades, you have to train employees (and yourself) how to use everything. For many of our small businesses, it is hard to pay someone to come do training so keep it simple…make sure you have access to the manuals, purchase a “How To” book, or watch online tutorials. I run into situations all the time where clients want to do something to better serve their customers or simplify a task in the office, and they have the stuff to do it, but don’t know it because they aren’t familiar with their computer software/hardware. Knowing what you have and how it works will make a big difference!

2. Maintenance. Proper maintenance is probably the most important factor. I often tell people, we wrongly classify the computer in the same way we do the TV. You dust it off when you clean and fix it or replace it when it is broken. However, unlike a TV, the computer actually requires maintenance. If regular maintenance such as clearing caches and defragmenting is not performed, the computer will slow down and can even crash or fail prematurely. Proper maintenance will insure you get the max life out of your investments. Regular maintenance agreements are available virtually everywhere now due to the availability of remote access technologies like the one we use to serve our clients.

3. Support. When you have trouble, you can waste hours of time trying to figure something out or make something work. Having support, whether from a software company or a third-party company like ours, will save you money by saving you and your staff time. You have to use your support agreements too. I regularly run across companies that have support for something and don’t pick up the phone to call them…you are paying for it, use it.

Make sure that your computers are not running your business and forcing you to make decisions that aren’t in the best interest of you, your staff, and your clients. A few simple steps can save you time and money and assist you in providing a great workplace and superior service to your clients. You are always welcome to call my office and I will schedule some time to consult with you at no charge to see where we might be able to help you improve. As well, we provide maintenance and support packages that are tailored to our individual clients that can dramatically save you time.

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