Is Your Office Infested with Leprechauns?

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I know…regardless of how much I would like to find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (it’s about rainy season!), there is no such thing as a Leprechaun. There are no gremlins either though and somehow our offices still seem to be infested with some type of mischievous creatures that reek havoc over the weekend!

I am sure you have had it happen too…you leave the office with everything in good order, ready for your return on Monday morning. But you return Monday morning…you can’t print, your Internet is down, your computer has an error message on the screen, files are missing, etc.. So if there are no mythical creatures infesting your office, who or what creates all those weird issues?

Luckily, I have the answer! There are two possibilities. You have one of two Leprechauns living in your office…Mr. BadMaintenance or Mr. EmployeeWhoShouldn’tBeAbletoComeInOnTheWeekendForPersonalPurposes. I find that the latter tends to stay near his pot of gold and doesn’t show up too often, but the first one…he is quite the character! Little feller could care less about the pot of gold. If we can find his rainbow, we would be rich!

And as luck would have it, I know of a few things you can do that will keep Mr. BadMaintenance away. Just don’t make the mistake of trying them today and stopping once he leaves because he is always looking for places to revisit!

1. He loves dust almost as much as his pot of gold and pale of ale! Get your computers off the bare floor. They need to be in a cabinet or on a shelf or desk. When they sit in the floor the dust is pulled right in the case by the cooling fans. To get rid of any dust that might already be in there, remove the door (often a side of the case) and blow it out with a can of compressed air. I always take mine outside because that dust will get everywhere. After all, we are trying to get rid of the dust so that leprechaun will stay away, you don’t want him to mess with the calculator or whatever else the dust lands on!

2. He likes to sit on warm hard drives. To keep your hard drive cooler, which will also keep it from failing, you have to defragment your hard drives. This process helps the computer to run more efficiently, which keeps the drive from having to work as hard, so that it stays cooler. Keeping the dust out, helps with keeping your drives cool, too.

3. Empty the recycle bin. He likes to stare at the picture on your desktop…it reminds him of his pot of gold.

4. Install anti-virus software…his brother told him it would turn him pink so he it terrified of computers with it installed!

I know I keep writing about maintenance but it is the key to you being able to come in your office and get your work done. We have some Leprechauns of our own that can automate your maintenance. Call me for more information!

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