Poor Internet Connection?

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I often receive phone calls about poor Internet connections. A client will be working away and his or her Internet will go out. Often restarting your modem and/or router will solve this issue. However, if we can put a man on the moon, shouldn’t we be able to use the Internet without having to turn something off and back on a couple times a day?

Certainly! Most small business owners grab an inexpensive router at Wal-Mart or Staples. While this works fine at home it is not ideal in a business environment. Most people are in business to profit, and Internet issues slow nearly all businesses down and sometimes even cost them a sale. The best way to deal with these connection issues is to purchase and install a business-class router. You will pay $250+ for a decent one, but the days of restarting the router will become history!

The difference is that business-class routers have higher quality components, can handle more data passing through without causing a crash or lockup, and they can often “heal” the  Internet connection when there is an issue.

Many business-class routers also have pro-grade firewalls to keep hackers out, content filtering to make sure your staff are not surfing where they shouldn’t be, and VPN capabilities so that you can access your network when you are out of the office. Some models also have business-class wireless, which can allow you to have separate wireless networks for your business and your guests/customers. This is very important if you are processing credit cards via the computer or a terminal connected to the Internet. You are required to separate that traffic out according to PCI standards that all merchants processing credit cards must comply with.

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