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Ten years ago, when I first started working on computers for a living, only big businesses and medical practices had firewalls. Even 5 years ago, I was still somewhat forgiving on not having a firewall. For me the debate has ended. You must have a firewall regardless of the size or nature of your business. I installed a new firewall last year for a company and in that short amount of time I have seen that small business hit by numerous malicious attacks. Had they not had the firewall, account numbers, company and client information, photos, accounting information, and other sensitive data would have been exposed to their attackers.

A firewall monitors both incoming and outgoing traffic/information. It sees that your are trying to go to and allows you to receive However, if something tries to come in that you didn’t ask for, it blocks it. Today’s firewalls also allow you to filter content to block various sites such as Facebook, illegal music sharing, violence-related sites, and even pornography. Those are just a few. You can block anything you feel either does not need to be in your business or home. Some models can assist in protecting you from viruses and spyware, and many will allow you to connect to your business or home from anywhere via a secure connection.

It is important to make sure we get the right firewall for your situation and what you want to accomplish. However, to give you an idea of the cost, the average cost is around $500. Most will require a yearly fee for support, updates, and replacement and those fees are around $100 – $150 per year. The devices are designed to last between 5-8 years in a medium business, and 8-10 years in a smaller business. With the yearly fee you usually get a replacement at no extra cost (other than the yearly fee) in case the device fails.

There are some more basic devices and even software that can accomplish the basic firewall functionality without the content filtering and virus/spyware protection. These range between $200-$600 and do not always require a yearly fee.

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