“This is Microsoft” Scam

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Just this past week I received a call from a client who said someone at Microsoft had called and said the computer was in need of repair. The caller stated that if they didn’t get it fixed it might “invalidate” their Microsoft license. The caller walked this person through letting him log into the computer remotely, and then showed fake reports that made it appear the computer was in bad shape. They then began to tell this person to pay to have this fixed.

I know this sounds like something you might immediately know to be a scam but these people have been extremely convincing. This client is very intelligent and in my opinion, very unlikely to be victim to a scam of this type.

A couple things to remember, large companies like Microsoft do not directly call end-users (that’s you), never allow someone you do not know to remotely access your computer, and lastly, keep anti-virus/malware software installed and up-to-date at all times.

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